Christopher Nolan’s DUNKIRK lit up cinema screens this summer with a recreation of the famous battle that was brimming with tension and visual panache. It was a superb showcase of a revered English director working with a cast or actors at the top of their game (yes, even Harry Styles came out with some credit…Show Me The Movies! dons hard hat for incoming flak). Now, from another English director (Joe Wright, HANNA, ATONEMENT) comes DARKEST HOUR which again focuses on the events around Dunkirk but from the viewpoint of Gary Oldman’s Sir Winston Churchill. Check out the trailer and synopsis below:


‘During the early days of World War II, with the fall of France imminent, Britain faces its darkest hour as the threat of invasion looms.  As the seemingly unstoppable Nazi forces advance, and with the Allied army cornered on the beaches of Dunkirk, the fate of Western Europe hangs on the leadership of the newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (Academy Award nominee Gary Oldman).  While maneuvering his political rivals, he must confront the ultimate choice: negotiate with Hitler and save the British people at a terrible cost or rally the nation and fight on against incredible odds.  Directed by Joe Wright, DARKEST HOUR is the dramatic and inspiring story of four weeks in 1940 during which Churchill’s courage to lead changed the course of world history.’

Now, if this doesn’t see Gary Oldman with his hands full of gold come awards season, we will eat our Show Me The Movies! hats. Oldman’s transformation into Churchill looks incredible and he is almost unrecognisable in the role. So, what do you think. Sound off below.

DARKEST HOUR also stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Lily James, Stephen Dillane, Ronald Pickup, and Ben Mendelsohn arrives in the UK early January 2018.