Perhaps we have the wonderful STRANGER THINGS to thank for what looks to be a renaissance of movies from the 80s. The Netflix original series showed that there is still a warm nostalgia associated with the decade and that perhaps there are some untapped gems waiting to be unearthed from the era?

That certainly seems to be the case with Lionsgate and The Henson Company who are rebooting the 1986 kids adventure movie FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR and have hired Joe Henderson, showrunner on LUCIFER, to write the script.

The original movie’s plot saw a 12 year old boy, played by Joey Cramer, who after falling unconscious due to an accident finds himself transported into the future where he has been abducted by a wise-cracking alien spaceship. Lionsgate will be hoping they can tap into the imagination of today’s kids by replicating the fun and sense of adventure the original film had in spades.

There’s no official word on who will be directing the movie but back in 2012 Colin Trevorrow (JURASSIC WORLD, THE BOOK OF HENRY) and Derek Connolly were hired to draft a script with the intention of Trevorrow directing it. Watch this space!