Director: Neil Marshall

CastSean PertweeKevin McKiddEmma Cleasby

The Lowdown

Our Halloween countdown continues with a look at Neil Marshall’s awesome splatterfest DOG SOLDIERS! In an era when teen led slasher movies were at the forefront of horror cinema and audiences were perhaps skeptical about the merits werewolf flicks, along came a low-budget gem that revitalised the genre.

Director Marshall’s early movie sees a group of soldiers on a routine mission in Scotland who encounter a set of ferocious flesh-eating beasts (like the hairy chap in the pic above). What made the movie work so well was that despite some low-budget costumes and effects it never lets up in how simply entertaining it is. Whether it’s the constant attacks from the beasts or the black humour in seeing a pet dog use a man’s intestines as a chew-toy, it is a joy to behold.

The film proved to be a great springboard for Neil Marshall who has since directed THE DESCENT, episodes of GAME OF THRONES and is currently attached to 2018’s reboot of HELLBOY.

Most gruesome scene

Where do you start? Probably with the aforementioned scene in which Sean Pertwee’s Sgt. Wells has his innards wrestled with by a family dog. Hilarious but (literally) stomach turning!