Following on from our earlier report on Tom Cruise’s current box-office troubles comes another TOP GUN 2 related article (courtesy of Metro) that sees legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer discuss the pressures of dealing with audience expectation for the sequel.

While the first movie is a classic in it’s own right, thirty years is a long time to wait for a follow up. Besides, TOP GUN was such a product of it’s time; the soundtrack (Berlin ballads and hair-rock anthems aplenty, nowt wrong with that of course!) and the fact that modern warfare is a bit different from the dog-fighting F-18s nowadays. So, how do you keep it current while still tapping in to what audiences want and expect to see from a Top Gun sequel? Bruckheimer had the following to say:

‘I’ll tell ya, any movie you make has pressure there, and when you have an iconic movie like Top Gun you know the bar is really high,’ he admits. ‘But we try to raise the bar in everything we do so it’s all about getting enormously talented people to work on it, and Tom is such a gifted not only actor, but also he produced this thing and he’s got a real sense of what the audience wants and what he likes.’

Officially titled TOP GUN: MAVERICK and due for release in 2019, will the movie be a success like the first or is it destined to crash and burn? Discuss below!