Modern horror has seen a number of recent releases bring a fresh perspective and impetus to the genre and none more so than David Robert Mitchell’s IT FOLLOWS. Like many of the best horror movies it is rich in subtext and metaphor with a plot that is original and terrifying in equal measure.

The plot centers on nineteen year-old Jay who, after having sex with her boyfriend, is plagued by strange visions and the inescapable feeling that someone, or more accurately something, is following her. This set up leaves both the viewer and the key characters with no idea who it is that is gradually and unrelentingly bearing down on Jay. Also, the only way to lift this curse is by passing it on by having sex; a clever plot device that ultimately leaves the viewer with more questions than answers but also raises moral issues about survival for the characters.

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There’s a clever prologue to the movie that demonstrates specifically what happens once one of the phantoms eventually catches up with it’s victim and it is very final, and very gruesome. This set’s up the rest of the film with a sense of dread for the characters and you start to suspect everybody in the background of the frame. IT FOLLOWS is an excellent modern horror movie, just watch your back…!


Director: David Robert Mitchell

Cast: Maika MonroeKeir GilchristOlivia Luccardi

Most gruesome scene

The opening of the movie is arguably its most gruesome as we see the damage the curse can inflict upon it’s victim. However, the most terrifying has to be the arrival of the ‘tall man’ when our heroes are holed up in a bedroom.