Next in line for us to ponder the horrific merits of is another of the more recent and decent horror movies, Jennifer Kent’s THE BABADOOK. What works so well about the movie is that it superbly connects two interweaving elements together to create a satisfyingly creepy tale.

The first is with regards to the titular character; a top hat wearing, spindly fingered creep from a children’s book who lurks menacingly in every corner and shadow, instilling fear and dread in the viewer. The other is in the heartbreaking tale of a mother dealing with grief and mental illness following the death of her husband, while also caring for a six year old boy with very challenging behaviour.

The imagery on display is imaginative, original and creative in how it seamlessly merges the two story threads together. it is non-formulaic and actually makes you care about the fates of the characters, superbly played by Essie Davis as the mother and Noah Wiseman as her son.

Director:  Jennifer Kent

Cast: Essie DavisNoah WisemanDaniel Henshall

Most gruesome scene

THE BABADOOK isn’t about the blood and guts but instead grabs the viewer with fear and anxiety. The first time Amelia is possessed by the Babadook is a superb showcase of impending threat.