Sam Raimi is an all time favourite horror maestro here at Show Me The Movies! so don’t be surprised to see at least one more of his classic movies appear slightly higher in our top 30 countdown. However, what we love about his 2009 chiller, DRAG ME TO HELL, is how it throws back to his earlier movies and pays homage to them with clever camera work and a sense of macabre fun that is often lacking in the genre.

The plot sees Alison Lohman’s bank clerk refuse to extend a loan to an old lady who in turn stalks her after work and bestows upon her a supernatural curse that in three days time will take her to hell. Bit harsh? Maybe! What follows is a roller-coaster ride that lets rip with flying eyeballs, blood gushing from mouths, demons vomiting kittens and talking goats (yes, you did read the last two correctly – the movie is nuts). The VFX are admittedly crude but they simply lend a bit of nostalgic charm to the film and it is relentless in its humour and gore.

Director: Sam Raimi

Cast: Alison LohmanJustin LongRuth Livier

Most gruesome scene

Where to start? The claret flies in this little gem but we’ll go with the talking goat. Not gruesome but as hilarious as it is ridiculous!