Oh now this is a fun movie. Freaky, scary, gory but definitely fun (if you’re a tad twisted like we are here at Show Me The Movies!). It’s another entry for the late great Wes Craven and introduced us to perhaps one of the greatest ever bogeymen to grace the silver screen, Freddie Krueger.

The movie is everything a horror fan could hope for with an awesome villain, cool cast (including a young Johnny Depp) and death scenes that felt fresh and brutal. Freddy’s glove is a master stroke in horror movie weaponry and it delivers chilling and spectacular death scenes. One character’s bleeding body is dragged all over her bedroom’s ceilings and walls while Depp’s fate culminates in a wonderful geyser of blood shooting up from his bed. The movie also had the masterstroke of placing the terror within the dreams of Krueger’s victims, adding a fresh perspective on the slasher genre. All together: “One two Freddy’s coming for you”