It’s another entry for horror guru Neil Marshall, following on from our report on his earlier splatter fest, DOG SOLDIERS. This time though the talented director focuses less on humour and gore for an underground set thriller ripe with tension and featuring an all female cast.

THE DESCENT follows a woman (played by Shauna Macdonald) who goes on a caving expedition with her friends after her husband and daughter are involved in a tragic accident. When the trip goes horribly wrong the woman find themselves prey to a group of blood-thirsty predators.

From start to finish the tension never lets up and director Marshall uses the dark atmosphere to great effect with glow sticks, video cameras and flashlights colour-coding the characters and instilling a creeping dread with the viewer. Once the demons are finally revealed (in a genius use of darkness and surprise that will leave you clinging to the ceiling on first viewing) the film becomes an assault on the senses and lets rip with terror!