“They’re here”! Unfortunately for the Freeling family, who are the main protagonists of POLTERGEIST, when little Carol Ann mutters those immortal lines it soon becomes apparent that something paranormal or supernatural has indeed arrived, and it likes to kidnap small children and keep them locked up in the TV! Well, kind of…

The film sees the Freeling family movie into what appears to be their dream home but soon discover that it seems to be haunted. At first the spirits are relatively friendly; moving furniture around and generally being a source of supernatural amusement. However, they start to terrorise the family and eventually ‘kidnap’ youngest daughter Carol Ann via the TV.

What follows is a roller-coaster ride of spills and chills as the family deal with the disappearance of their daughter and eventually bring in expert help in the shape of Zelda Rubinstein’s poltergeist specialist, in order to bring her back. It transpires that the home the Freelings bought was built on an ancient burial ground and the spirits who inhabit it are not too keen on having new neighbours.

The film was directed by Tobe Hooper (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) but writer Steven Spielberg is rumoured to have co-directed the movie and it is clear from the films’ visuals that he had more than a helping hand with the production. It remains a classic entry in the supernatural horror genre and is surprisingly scary despite its 15 rating.

Director: Tobe HooperSteven Spielberg (uncredited)

Cast: JoBeth WilliamsHeather O’RourkeCraig T. Nelson

Most gruesome scene

We reckon the scene with the clown in the boy’s bedroom is maybe the spookiest but the goriest is when one character’s face is peeled off in front of the bathroom mirror. Slightly ropy VFX but awesome nonetheless!