What happens when you mix Stephen King with the director of an all time classic movie such as THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION? You get a an experience that is thrilling, scary and utterly gut-wrenching in the worst way possible.

In times of darkness are you driven by hope or by fear? That is the question posed by Frank Darabont’s classic 2007 horror flick THE MIST. It focuses on a group of people who are holed up in a supermarket during a freak storm that has brought ferocious creatures with it to a small town. It is based on a Stephen King novella (also called THE MIST) and Darabont’s adaptation superbly examines the depths mankind can and will go to when all hope seems to be lost.

This is where the film truly excels as it depicts the best and the worst of human behaviour in survival situations. As the threat from the creatures become increasingly deadly the fractious relationships between the trapped townsfolk begin to crack and all hell is unleashed. The film is bleak and Darabont himself admits the writing process was particularly tough, saying that he “was in something of a mean mood” when he wrote it. This is certainly evident in the film’s gutsy, brutal and shocking final minutes. Heartbreaking…

DirectorFrank Darabont

CastThomas JaneMarcia Gay HardenLaurie Holden

Most gruesome scene

It’s not overly gruesome but the final moments of the film are a very tough watch.