Don’t worry horror fans we haven’t gone and lost our minds and chosen the 2006 Nicolas Cage version of THE WICKER MAN. Although to be fair we are very tempted to embed a video of him running around the woods dressed as a bear and punching everything in sight! No, in fact it is the classic 1973 movie that is in at number 15 in our Halloween countdown. And what an awesome and messed up movie it is!

You could argue that THE WICKER MAN shouldn’t work as well as it does. It is a crazy mix of styles, music, humour and outright dread that somehow manages to capture at it’s heart a sense of unsettling panic. Edward Woodward’s poor beleaguered policeman finds himself haplessly investigating a case of a missing girl who the townsfolk claim never existed. As his investigations prove fruitless he begins to see that the town is not quite what it seems which leads him to THAT inevitable but nonetheless devastating finalé.

DirectorRobin Hardy

CastEdward WoodwardChristopher LeeDiane Cilento

Most gruesome scene

This ain’t the flick to watch to see the claret fly so we’ll go for the death by being burned alive!