It’s another entry from the dark and twisted mind of the great Stephen King whose 1974 novel CARRIE was brought to the big screen with blood curdling relish by Brian De Palma in 1976.

King’s novel was one of the first of it’s kind to realise that the trials and tribulations of adolescence and puberty were rife with horror and De Palma relishes this with inventive camera work and shocking deaths. The film sees Sissy Spacek’s titular teenage girl sheltered by a domineering, religious mother and after being humiliated by her classmates at her senior prom uses her telekinetic powers to unleash hell upon them. Spacek is excellent as Carrie and her transformation from shy girl to a vengeful angel of death is outstanding and terrifying.

DirectorBrian De Palma

CastSissy SpacekPiper LaurieAmy Irving

Most gruesome scene

The end is easily the most bloody aspect of the movie but when Carrie uses her telikenetic powers to kill her overbearing mother it is as shocking as it is brutal!