Before Jeff Goldblum starred as Seth Brundle in David Cronenberg’s THE FLY he was mostly involved in TV shows such as The New Show and American Playhouse. He is obviously a household name nowadays, after starring in blockbusters such the JURASSIC PARK franchise, INDEPENDENCE DAY and in this year’s THOR: RAGNAROK. However it was arguably Cronenberg’s masterclass in body-horror that catapulted his career.

The movie sees Goldblum’s scientist, Seth Brundle, slowly transform into a giant man/fly after one of his teleportation experiments goes wrong, despite signs that it was initially a success. What works so well and is typically ‘Cronenbergian’ is the sickening transformation that Brundle goes through as body parts start to fall off (and get pickled!). The FX, despite being over thirty years old are incredibly effective and Brundle’s new form makes his relationship with Geena Davis’ Veronica fascinating. She struggles with her affection toward Brundle with her disgust at the monster he is slowly becoming making their relationship genuinely moving alongside the extreme body horror.

DirectorDavid Cronenberg’s

CastJeff GoldblumGeena DavisJohn Getz

Most gruesome scene

Where to start! Once Brundle starts his transformation we get treated to all sorts of gross out sequences – broken bones, torn limbs, melting body parts, pickled genitalia – to name but a few!