Number 7 in our Halloween countdown special is another film from a maestro of the genre, Clive Barker, whose classic freakfest HELLRAISER brings us some weird chills. The films depicts a man and his wife who discover the hideous form of the man’s brother hiding in their new house who just so happens to be the wife’s former lover. Worse still, the brother (and former lover) has lost his earth-body to a trio of demons called the Cenobites and he needs human sacrifices to complete his human form again. Bad day all round!

Looking back at the movie now the look of the Cenobites is relatively fresh and their leader Pinhead has become an iconic monster within the genre. Also, when the blood starts to flow they come into our world equipped with chains and hooks and all manner of painful devices, literally ripping their victims apart without batting an eyelid. The VFX are slightly dated but it’s the sick and remorseless way in which the horror arrives which is still shocking to this day. The film became a franchise with several sequels being released, most of which were pretty bad, but Clive Barker’s original remains a genuine and bloody classic.