Next in our Halloween countdown is a movie that arguably deserved more recognition upon release but that has certainly gained a reputation as cult classic in it’s own right since. The key to Director John Carpenter’s Antarctic set chiller is wondering exactly who you can trust in a survival situation and that when you are relying on other people to ensure you don’t die a horrible death just what that does to your mental psyche.

The films follows a crew in Antarctica who finds a nearby camp destroyed, its crew dead and whatever killed them nowhere to be found, unless of course it’s hidden in plain sight. An otherworldly discovery soon catapults the movie into a series of gross-out and slickly created visuals that up the gore to insane levels. Leading man Kurt Russell brings charisma in spades to a story that twists and turns at every opportunity and the amazing VFX work by Rob Bottin will stay with you for a very long time…

DirectorJohn Carpenter

Cast: Kurt RussellWilford BrimleyKeith David

Most gruesome scene:

Oh where do we start! There’s plenty blood, guts and gore to please the most hard-core gore-hounds out there but we’ll plump for the spider-head sequence. Amazing!