Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece may seem like an obvious choice for top spot in our Halloween countdown and probably sits at the top of most similar lists. But you know what gore-hounds, it deserves it and is our all time favourite horror movie over here at Show Me The Movies! towers.


Initially, however, the movie wasn’t very well received. Author of the original novel Stephen King voiced his displeasure at how Kubrick handled the story and the director was amazingly nominated for worst director at the inaugural Razzies. The shoot wasn’t all smooth sailing too; actress Shelley Duvall was made to do one take 127 times, while Jack Nicholson was made to feel more ‘agitated’ by having to eat cheese sandwiches and the infamous “here’s Johnny!” scene took three days to shoot and 60 doors to smash. It’s no wonder that both actors left the shoot resentful of the experience. And exhausted!

In the end though there is surely no doubting that THE SHINING is the ultimate horror movie. Kubrick’s film is meticulous, surreal, visually inventive, precise, shocking, disturbing and immerses the viewer into the tormented mind and soul of Nicholson’s Jack Torrance. The Overlook Hotel in which the film takes place serves to double as Jack’s degenerating mental state; the labyrinth-like corridors mirroring his descent into madness that is fully realised in a sense of dread and unease that lingers long in the memory…”redrum”!

DirectorStanley Kubrick

CastJack NicholsonShelley DuvallDanny Lloyd

Most gruesome scene:

We get bucket loads of blood gushing from elevator doors but we’re going with the lady in the bath scene. Shudder!