It has a lot going for it does Kenneth Branagh’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS; a director with an excellent pedigree and a stellar cast. However, does the movie go full steam ahead or is it a steaming train-wreck. And can we think of any more awful train-related puns before the end of this article? All aboard! (sorry).

Here’s a selection of reviews for you, click on the publications name for the full article:

The Guardian“The big-name cast includes everyone from Johnny Depp to Judi Dench, but this snowbound Agatha Christie adaptation is a dusty, old-fashioned dud” 2/5 stars

The Telegraph“This Orient Express clatters handsomely along, but I left the cinema wishing it had had the nerve to jump the rails” 3/5 stars

Den of Geek – “But you do get a solid, well-made, enjoyable murder mystery caper, with a welcome old fashioned tinge to it too. Worth a ticket”3/5 stars

Empire Magazine“An enjoyable journey with a stellar cast, though the baggage we carry as modern viewers sees this ride derailed before its denouement” – 3/5 stars

Variety“Kenneth Branagh’s take on Agatha Christie’s eccentric detective is one for the ages, though his larger-than-life persona (and mustache) upstages her most famous mystery”

Total Film“A glittery ensemble cast relishes the snow-saturated journey of starring in Sir Ken’s polished, frisky version of Christie’s seminal whodunit.” 4/5 stars

MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS is in all good cinemas from today.