This may come as a major (if albeit very historic as the movie came out in the 90s) SPOILER but in ROCKY IV Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed while fighting in the ring. Now, wouldn’t that provide some juicy payback for Creed Junior if he ended up fighting Drago Junior in the upcoming CREED II? Well, in an interview with, MMA fighter Sage Northcutt revealed this tidbit:

“The new Creed II movie is coming out so I was actually going to audition for that. Got a little audition tape, so hopefully that goes through. That would be pretty neat. Being Ivan Drago’s son in the movie? That would be pretty fun. Sylvester Stallone seems like a really cool guy, and Dolph Lundgren seems awesome. I think me and Mr. Dolph Lundgren look kind of alike.”

Sylvester Stallone, who recently took over on writing/directing duties from Ryan Coogler has been dropping some hints via twitter recently so could there be some truth in this rumour? Also, do you guys want to see a Creed vs Drago grudge match or it is pandering towards fan-servicing somewhat? Colour us intrigued..