It seems that Marvel may be holding onto their throne as the most consistently quality and successful cinematic superhero universe as the first proper reviews are in for JUSTICE LEAGUE and it ain’t pretty….Here’s a breakdown of some for you to peruse. Click on the name of the publication for the full review:

The Telegraph – “DC’s superhero embarrassment is beyond saving” 1/5 stars

Variety – “The new DC Comics movie is the anti-‘Batman v Superman’: a superhero epic that’s more light than dark, and the essence of generic competence.”

The Guardian – “Ben Affleck’s unconvincing Batman deadens the long-awaited DC adventure as superheroes team up to save planet Earth from destruction, but not boredom” 2/5 stars

Collider – “at least this one isn’t as bad as Batman v Superman. The only thing that “saves” Justice League is a low bar and more promises” rating D+

Empire Online – “It’s breezily fun at times – but, lumbered with a story that struggles to find resonance beyond its improbable plot devices, Justice League isn’t about to steal Avengers’ super-team crown.” 2/5 stars

Total Film – “DC’s team up extravaganza is a bust, with a vanilla plot, dire bad guy and largely failed attempts at levity. Worth watching for Wonder Woman, but little more.” 2/5 stars

Interesting comments indeed from some generally reliable sources but with a production that was forced to lose it’s director mid shoot and try to shoe-horn all of those characters into a two-hour runtime, are we really surprised the movie is bad? Strike back below with your thoughts!