We’ve only just bid farewell to the inhabitants of Hawkins (and what a fun ride season 2 was) and now comes news that directors The Duffer Bros. have begun work on season 3… Well, kind of…

In an interview at Vulture Festival to promote STRANGER THINGS Season 2 Ross Duffer had the following to say:

“We are [in] very early days on season three, and we’re still figuring it out. I probably wasn’t supposed to say that. That’s not official; that wasn’t an official announcement — we’re just working on it, just for our own amusement… for fun!”

Netflix would be insane to not consider a third season of the hit show so it makes sense that the Duffer lads will start fleshing out the details for season 3 pretty soon. WHat do you think though, was season 2 strong enough to warrant for adventures’ into the upside down?