It’s never easy to create a sequel to such a popular and revered cult classic as BLADE RUNNER that is not only a critical success but also a hit at the box-office. 

Director Denis Villeneuve managed to achieve one of those goals with his recent sequel, BLADE RUNNER: 2049, as fans and critics alike loved the movie, however it is currently sitting on around $252 million worldwide which is slightly disappointing given the potential for the film. So, where did it go wrong? Even director Villeneuve can’t figure it out and had the following to say in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment:

“The thing is that the movie is doing very well abroad, I mean, in Europe, strong success, in United States, it performed great in New York and big cities. Honestly, I don’t know because we had the best critics. I’m still digesting it. I had the best critics of my life, I’ve never had a movie welcome like that, okay? At the same time, the box office in the United States was a disappointment, that’s the truth. Because those movies are expensive, and it will still make tons of money but not enough. I think the thing is that it’s maybe because people were not familiar enough with the universe, and the fact that the movie’s long. I don’t know, it’s still a mystery to me.”

To be fair he may have a point by mentioning the runtime as a blockbuster pushing the three hour mark is a lot to ask of your mainstream fans nowadays and cinemas would have found it hard to fit more than a few shows in per screen everyday. Or as Villeneuve goes on to say, is it simple a case of history repeating itself?:

“That’s the first thing one of my sons told me: “Papa you honor the first movie until the very end.” Because the first movie had the same fate,” Villeneuve said. “The original Blade Runner when it came out wasn’t a success, and through time it became was it is today. I was not looking for that. But what I really am at peace with is the fact that the hard core fans that love the first movie really welcome this one, and that for me it means the world.”

What do you guys think, should the movie have performed better than it has and if so why? Strike back below…