Even though it’s only a few weeks away until a brand new chapter in the STAR WARS saga hits cinemas with the hotly anticipated THE LAST JEDI, the recent news that a new original trilogy is in the works has all of us Sith Lords frothing out the mouth in anticipation.

So, what does it mean for the franchise and what can we expect to see from it? Will it span the depths of the extended universe into the Old Republic story-line perhaps or will it follow everyone’s favourite space penguins the Porgs to see how they battle the elements and stay safe from hungry Wookies on Ahch-To. Hopefully it will be more of the former

In an interview in Mexico while promoting THE LAST JEDI director Rian Johnson had the following to say about the new movies:

“We’re gonna have to see. I’m just in the very beginning of starting to come up with what the new trilogy is going to be. What makes me so excited about it, is the idea of doing a new story on the big canvas of three movies in this world. There’s just so much potential and I can’t wait to jump into it.”

Well, what do you think? Do you want to see a new trilogy in a separate galaxy far far away or is enough enough for the STAR WARS world? We say bring it on!