Now, don’t get us wrong as we loved every moment of TWIN PEAKS season 3 (well apart from the ‘Dougie’ parts) but let’s be honest with ourselves, it was absolutely…batsh*t…crazy! But in a very good way. News has now come in from director David Lynch himself that a fourth season may be a possibility.

The Hollywood Reporter recently held an interview with the legendary director and towards the end of the article he had the following tantalizing tidbit about the possible return of TWIN PEAKS:

“I don’t know. It’s too early to say that right now…I’ve learned never say never.”

It’s not confirmation in any way shape or form but the show has a massive global following and we’re pretty sure if season 4 was to happen there would be some cause for celebration. At least just to see some more crazy nuclear imagery again for one thing! What do you all think though, has the series run its course or can Lynch pull off another masterstroke and carry the story on somehow (just without blummin’ Dougie hopefully!)…?