Guillermo Del Toro’s THE SHAPE OF WATER is on the very top of SMTM!’s must-watch list this December (well, alongside a certain space-franchise that is). It’s looking like the most personal and beautiful movie he has made since PAN’S LABYRINTH and in a recent interview with the New York Times he discusses how he wished he had taken Universal’s offer up of overseeing the DARK UNIVERSE franchise.

“The only time I repent I didn’t do something was in 2007, when Universal in an incredibly gentle and beautiful manner said do you want to take over the Monster Universe? And they gave me the reins of several properties, and I didn’t do it. That I repent. So this is a confessional moment, I repent. That’s the only thing.”

Universal may be wishing he had taken their offer up as well as the DARK UNIVERSE franchise hasn’t got off to the best of starts with the Tom Cruise starring THE MUMMY. Del Toro was also attached to direct THE HOBBIT and HELLBOY 3 was also on the cards at one point but at leas t we have THE SHAPE OF WATER to look forward to very soon!