If there is one thing we appreciate about the horror and experimental genre here at Show Me The Movies! it is its ability to elicit a response in it’s audience that is both short, sharp and visceral. A prime example of this is FRIED BARRY in which director, writer and producer Ryan Kruger utilises the one actor, one location setting to great effect.

The short film (roughly three and a half minutes in duration) follows the title character, Fried Barry, a heroin junkie who spends his days in an abandoned building, walking around tripping from his latest hit, going through his ups and downs and reliving his old memories. At the core of the film is actor Gary Green whose facial contortions and tall lithe frame light up the film with grotesque, intense and ultimately uncomfortable imagery. He evokes memories of Iggy Pop in full on trippy festival mode mixed with the disturbed notions of a maniac

Special mention should also go out to the film’s score by HAEZER that is pulsating and matches the unnerving setting and tone of the short film perfectly. The fast-cut style of the editing adds to the disturbing element of seeing such a mysterious character as Barry being tormented by demons whose origin is a mystery. The film gives no clues as to why he is in the state we find him in but there are enough hints in quickly glimpsed shots of family situations to suggest an interesting backstory is there to be told.

FRIED BARRY is currently going great guns on the festival circuit and is scheduled to be released in an official capacity in 2018. What’s the odds that this mysterious character can be fleshed out into a feature some time in the future?