Back in 2015 SICARIO was released to great critical and commercial acclaim and showcased just what a talent director Denis Villenueve is. Of course since then Villenueve has gone on the helm similarly loved movies in ARRIVAL and BLADE RUNNER: 2049 but it was arguably the often violent and relentless SICARIO that saw him at his most gritty.

To be honest SICARIO didn’t necessarily seem like the type of film that needed a sequel or indeed would benefit greatly from having it’s world of drug smuggling expanded upon. However, we’re not complaining and although original director Villenueve is not returning for the sequel (nor is star Emily Blunt) we are intrigued to see where new director Stefano Sollima takes the story that this time focuses on the characters played by Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin. Check out the trailer below and the movie is released on 28th June 2018!