Legendary composer John Williams has confirmed news that he is due to return to score the J.J. Abrams directed STAR WARS: EPISODE IX and it’s amazing to think that means he will have scored three trilogies of the space saga over 40 years.

john williams

While talking to Variety magazine the genius composer said that “”I would very much like to complete that” with regards to scoring the next installment in the saga and he also went on to dispel any fears that his age (86) would be a barrier to his writing:

“I don’t think you can retire from writing,” Williams said. “I feel very lucky, and the work that I do doesn’t depend on much. If your vision’s still good, and your hands — I have no arthritis in my hands and I play the piano very easily — I don’t think there’s any reason to deprive oneself of the fun of working. Music is so rewarding.”

Pardon the pun but this really is music to our ears. Williams has provided a wealth of genuinely classic, soaring and uplifting themes for the STAR WARS franchise (and a host of others) and the fact that he is so committed to his craft is inspirational. He is also due to write at least the theme for SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (which we fear may be the best element of that particular entry in the saga…) with John Powell scoring the rest.