There are many, many elements of this elaborate, and seemingly expensive, marketing campaign for the dubiously titled DUNDEE: THE SON OF A LEGEND RETURNS HOME that we’re still trying to get our heads around. We shared a teaser for the film last week (check it out here) and now Thor himself, Liam Hemsworth, has cropped up in another clip for the ‘movie’. Check it out:

I think we’re all just as perplexed as Thor is in that clip so just what is the deal with DUNDEE? Surely it isn’t a legitimate movie because let’s face it, it just wouldn’t work. Would it? Danny McBride as the son of the great Mick Dundee doesn’t sound like a great sell but all will be revealed soon surely. Is it a Superbowl ad-campaign for a brand maybe? SOme kind-of pricey in-joke. WHatever the deal is with DUNDEE it’s fun to speculate and the teasers are intriguing if nothing else. So what’s your thoughts on the project. Fake as a cheap crocodile-skin handbag or totally legit? Sound off below!