Despite some initial reservations, last year’s JUMANJI: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE was not only surprisingly funny but damn good fun to boot! Nobody expected the sequel to the Robin Williams starring 1995 caper to be such a surefire hit but the gung-ho nature of the film mixed with energetic performances from it’s cast led to it hitting $961.9m at the global box-office. Now megastar wrestler-turned actor Dwayne Johnson has turned to Instagram to announce that JUMANJI 3 is on it’s way. Check it out:

Wow. So poor Kevin Hart’s character gets bumped off after 15 seconds? SPOILER ALERT! Mr Johnson is of course having a cheeky little dig at his co-star but it’s good to see him so excited about his projects. He’s a funny chap that rock fella. There’s no news on a plot for the movie as of yet but December 2019 has been penciled in for it’s release.