Well. In a word. NO! WESTWORLD season two was possible the most expensively produced waste of time we can think of. The first season delivered a tantalising glimpse into the world of the sentient hosts and the guests who inhabit the world for their own pleasures. The premise was excellent, cast magnificent and the action gauged just at the correct level. It even delivered a satisfying twist that surely only the most eagle eyed viewers would have seen coming (you know the moment!). So season two had to follow it up and make the world even more intriguing right? Wrong!

The seasons kicks off with a time shift involving already established characters and leads to a season of conflicting narratives that jump backwards and forwards in time. It isn’t confusing to watch or keep up with it’s just so completely uneccessary, and plain dull! Also, the much discussed and teased worlds that also exist are eventually revealed but one of them (Shogun World) is just a rehash of stories and narratives from the Western setting. Really? Could Delos not afford more than one writer other than the incredibly irritating character played by Simon Quarterman? At least he gets bumped off in hilarious and rather embarrassing fashion in the finale.

Elsewhere we simply follow the man in black on uneventfully little jaunts across the park and although Ed Harris does his best to make his character interesting he is simply wasted and is never fully developed in a satisfying way. If you have the patience stick around after the end credits to see a tacked on scene that does nothing to entice the viewer for season three other than add more mystery and tedium. Even worse is Delores and her monotonous dialogue about breaking free from the park only to be recreated as another character. Overall if you’re a huge fan of the first season you may get a kick out of seeing Maeve suddenly discover her Jedi-like powers but otherwise season two really was self indulgent and tedious. Disappointing.