Now there’s nothing we like more here at SMTM towers than the pushing of CGI boundaries (well, pizza comes close) and if one man and his technical wizardry can deliver the goods its Ang Lee (LIFE OF PI, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN).

The director’s latest work had been stuck in development hell for years until he finally got the chance to show what the world really needs right now – older Will Smith and young Will Smith beating the crap out of each other…in 3D! I hear what you’re thinking though; 3D is lame and it hasn’t really worked so well since James Cameron’s AVATAR back in 2009. At least not in terms of film really pushing the limits of 3D technology.

Well, first reactions are in for GEMINI MAN and if these tweets are to believed then Ang Lee has at least delivered a feast for the eyes that will help to further push the envelope for CGI in an age where deepfake is becoming more prominent. Have a look below!

GEMINI MAN is released in all of those lovely movie theatres next month!